Managed Services
LinkedLines LLC Managed Services will keep your technology running efficiently, reduce downtime and minimize data loss due to technical failures.  We take responsibilities on making sure your network is running at the highest efficiency.  With a Managed IT Services Plan, We can easily identify and tackle problems before they cause troubles.  We accomplish this by monitoring and maintaining internet and network security on a regular basis to protect your business and prolong the life of your systems.  
 Managed Services for Collaboration
 • Managed Business Communications Service Transform your customers’ businesses and their communications experience using Cisco Managed Business Communications. • Managed TelePresence Service Learn how Service Providers can create a suite of differentiated business video services using Cisco TelePresence. • Managed Unified Contact Center Service Centralize contact center infrastructures and software and promote a high-margin revenue stream.
 Managed Services for Connectivity
 • Managed Internet Service Provide internet services over managed Ethernet networks more efficiently and economically than through traditional circuit switched networks. • Managed Internet Protocol (IP) Trucking Service Enable the crucial connection between the customer premises equipment (CPE) and the service provider’s network to deliver high margin advanced network services. • Managed Metro Ethernet Service Capture new revenue streams, maintain existing ATM and Frame Relay services, and increase profitable services with metro Ethernet services. • Managed MPLS VPN Service Offer new services to your enterprise customers and to encrypt there any-site-to-any-site communications more efficiently. • Managed TelePresence Network Connection Service Deliver optimum Cisco TelePresence experience over a converged IP NGN network under two models: the intra-company and the inter-company models.
 Managed Services for Data Center
 • Managed Data Center Service Provide centralized application provisioning, patch management; monitoring and support enabling your customers focus their resources on core competencies. • Application Performance Management Service Accelerate and optimize critical business applications for enterprise customers across the network, including LANs, WANs, and data centers.
 Managed Services for Security
 • Managed Firewall Service Ensure network availability and security of company resources with a Managed Firewall service. • Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service Deliver a critical layer of defense with scalable threat detection and response for customers’ core business needs. • Managed Secure MPLS (GET VPN) Service Secure critical business applications with quality of service (QoS) across the network and at branches and customer data security.
 Managed Services for Small Business
 • Managed Services for Small Business Get the advantage you need to compete with bigger companies using Small Business Managed Services enabled by Cisco.
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